What is a strategy session?

Strategy sessions are used to formulate clear strategies for organisational growth which could be on topics like sales, marketing, business development, branding, succession planning, innovation, strategy  etc. The duration of the strategy session is longer unlike keynotes that lasts an hour at the most. Strategy sessions are designed more like an in-house workshop and the duration for a session can be stretched between two to four hours comprised of idea sharing, discussion, Q&A and work book based activities.

The strategy session is ideal for any organizations to formulate winning strategies, where Paul Robinson will act as a facilitator to fuse in various ideas brainstormed by different individuals and groups within the management team. The outcome of the session is to formulate clear written strategies for execution, form best practices,and to formulate massive action plans.

The session is designed with organizational challenges, concerns and goals in mind.The session will end with the list of decisions undertaken by each team member to further enhance their efficiency.  By stimulating collective thinking within the group, the participants are challenged to solve problems, share their ideas and speak with candor.

The session will challenge the participants to set higher audacious goals and support them with strategies to achieve them.

If your organization wants to raise the bar, they must clearly devise a strategic plan that work. Brainstorm strategy sessions are designed to elicit ideas from teams, ventilate concerns, voice out opinions and contribute ideas. The intensity of the session will make people think, participate and engage in the session. Workbook based activities are designed focus on the organizational challenges and goals. Activities are designed to keep the learning experiential and fun learning.

Fused with motivation and strategy, this kind of session is highly result oriented. By clearly going in the direction of designing new Organizational Goal Achieving System, standard operating procedures (SOPs) & best practices, the session delves deeper in forming strategies powered by confidential discussions.

By using a third party intervention by the speaker attended, an organization can comfortably discuss pressing issues and present them in the best negotiable environment.

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