Paul Robinson

How to run successful offsite meetings?

Here’s the formula to run successful offsite meetings:

Why. There are a few purposes to our off sites. It is one of the best ways to get all the offices together for a gathering that might take place only once a year. According to Hanny Hindi author of the book  ’Startup CEO’ the main purpose of the offsite is to “pull out of our day-to-day duties and tackle strategic issues that require more uninterrupted time. The secondary purpose is to continue to build and develop both personal relationships and team dynamics. It’s critically important to build and sustain deep relationships across the executive team”.

Who. Offsite can include the Executive Committee, the SMT (Senior Management Team) or part of full company employee count depends on the agenda and the area of impact a company wants to highlight.

Where. Off sites can happen anywhere but within your corporate compound walls. You can choose nicer locations within a conference-oriented hotel or at a more fun, resort kind of place anywhere in India or abroad.

When. Off sites are ideal at least four times per year, depends on the budget and time off, at roughly equal intervals. It can be a Kick Off, planning, evaluation, strategy, training or team bonding events

What. Off sites can have a serious or fun tone to it, or a mix of both with intensive learning, brainstorm, presentations and leisure activities. Off sites help you define your culture, evaluate strategies, resolve problems, initiate plans or help you retain focus on the majors. Off sites can have a central theme or key focus areas, which accentuates organizational values and vision. You can also break for subgroup meetings and ad hoc conversations. Some conversations at an informal setting might help the leadership team to come up with better ideas for executing plans and strategies. You can also conclude the meetings with a closing “recap” exercise as well.

How. An opportunity to spend time with your team – bonding time. However it is also important to get fresh insights and perspectives from external speakers and thought leaders who can motivate the team and facilitate a learning experience. An executive coach or a motivational speaker with flair to management insights can ignite sparks within the audience.




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